European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

ECSCW conference series

ECSCW is a series of international conferences on computer-supported cooperative work. The conference series is affiliated with the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET).

As stated in the preface to the ECSCW 1991 proceedings, CSCW is committed to grounding technological development and systems design in an understanding of "the specifics of practical, situated action". ECSCW remains committed to this program.

ECSCW has been instrumental in defining the agenda of CSCW research since the beginning, and it still is. It has been the key forum for identifying and exploring issues such as

  • the situated nature of action and interaction and its implications;
  • the role of ethnography in CSCW and in computing in general,
  • the role and nature of 'awareness' in cooperative work;
  • the role of paper-based and other material artifacts in cooperative work;
  • highly flexible collaboration infrastructures and tailorable systems.

The ECSCW conferences are single-track conferences in order to facilitate critical discussion across the disciplinary and national subdivisions of the field.

The acceptance rate for papers has been between 20 and 25%.

Past conferences:

Oslo, Norway, 2015 (Proceedings online)
University of Cyprus, Cyprus, 2013
Aarhus University, Denmark, 2011 (Proceedings online)
Vienna, Austria, 2009 (Proceedings online)
Limerick, Ireland, 2007 (Proceedings online)
Paris, France, 2005 (Proceedings online)
Helsinki, Finland, 2003 (Proceedings online)
Bonn, Germany, 2001 (Proceedings online)
Copenhagen, Denmark, 1999 (Proceedings online)
Lancaster, U.K., 1997 (Proceedings online)
Stockholm, Sweden, 1995 (Proceedings online)
Milano, Italy, 1993 (Proceedings online)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1991 (Proceedings online)
London, U.K., 1989 (Proceedings online)


The ECSCW-Foundation would like to thank Daniel Breitscheidel (University of Siegen), Karen Medina (University of Illinois, Urbana Champain), und Christian Reuter (University of Siegen). They deliberatly offered their time and energy in a truely cooperative effort to scan the proceeding, organize the different files, design the user-interface, and implement the www-site.

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