European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Proceedings of the 1991 Second European Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work,

24-27 September 1991, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

General Chair: Mike Robinson, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program Chair: Liam Bannon, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Publisher: Springer

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The entire Proceedings: pdf (16.5 MB)

Small Workshop: pdf (364 KB)

Table of contents:

Riding a Tiger, or Computer Supported Cooperative Work (928 KB)

Kjeld Schmidt, Denmark
Personalisable groupware: Accommodating individual roles and group differences (851 KB)

Saul Greenberg, Canada
Office systems development and gender: Implications for Computer-Supported Co-operative Work (801 KB)

Eileen Green, Jenny Owen, Den Pain, UK
CSCW and Distributed Systems: The Problem of Control (794 KB)

Tom Rodden, Gordon Blair, UK
Collaborative Activity and Technological Design: Task Coordination in London Underground Control Rooms (801 KB)

Christian Heath, Paul Luff, UK
The Group Facilitator: A CSCW Perspective (712 KB)

Stephen Viller, UK
Idea Management in a Shared Drawing Tool (916 KB)

Iva Lu, Marilyn Mantei, Canada
Panel: Rethinking the role of formalization in CSCW (87 KB)

Elin Pedersen, Lucy Suchman, USA
Experiences with the DOMINO office procedure system (699 KB)

Thomas Kreifelts, E.Hinrichs, K.-H.Klein, P.Seuffert, G.Woetzel, Germany
Distributed Computing and Organisational Change Enable Concurrent Engineering (696 KB)

Susan Frontczak, Kathy Miner, USA
An Analysis of Design and Collaboration in a Distributed Environment (964 KB)

Hans Marmolin, Yngve Sundblad, Björn Pehrson, Sweden
ClearFace: Translucent Multiuser Interface for TeamWorkStation (655 KB)

Hiroshi Ishii, Kazuho Arita, Japan
PEPYS: Generating Autobiographies by Automatic Tracking (729 KB)

William Newman, Margery Eldridge, Michael Lamming, UK
Panel: Organisational Memory (54 KB)

Jeff Conklin, USA, Susan Leigh Star, UK
Boosting Connectivity in a Student generated Collaborative Database (518 KB)

Douglas Ward, Canada
A Model for Real-Time Co-operation (636 KB)

Flavio DePaoli, Francesco Tisato, Italy
Questioning Representations (760 KB)

Mike Robinson, Liam Bannon, The Netherlands
Speech acts or communicative action? (615 KB)

Jan Dietz, G.Widdershoven, The Netherlands
The concept of activity as a basic unit of analysis for CSCW research (730 KB)

Kari Kuutti, Finland
Being Selectively Aware with the Khronika System (705 KB)

Lennart Lövstrand, UK
Participation frameworks for computer mediated communication (687 KB)

Marina Jirotka, Paul Luff, Nigel Gilbert, UK
Sound Support for Collaboration (830 KB)

William Gaver, UK
CSCW: Discipline or Paradigm? A Sociological Perspective (836 KB)

John Hughes, Dave Randall, Dan Shapiro, UK