European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Proceedings of the 1993 Third European Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work,

13-17 September 1993, Milano, Italy

General Chair: Carla Simone, University of Milan, Italy
Program Chair: Giorgio De Michelis, University of Milan, Italy

Publisher: Springer

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Table of contents:

Do Categories Have Politics? The Language/Action Perspective Reconsidered (778KB)
Page: 1

Lucy Suchman (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center)
COLA: a Lightweight Platform for CSCW (876KB)
Page: 15

Jonathan Trevor, Tom Rodden, Gordon Blair (Lancaster Univ.)
Sharing To-Do Lists with a Distributed Task Manager (896KB)
Page: 31

Thomas Kreifelts, Elke Hinrichs, Gerd Woetzel (GMD)
Supporting The Design Process Within An Organisational Context (719KB)
Page: 45

Bob Anderson, Graham Button (Rank Xerox EuroPARC), Wes Sharrock (Univ. of Manchester)
Improving Software Quality through Computer Supported Collaborative Review (804KB)
Page: 59

Philip Johnson, Danu Tjahjono (Univ. of Hawaii)
Design for Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (0,98MB)
Page: 75

Victoria Bellotti (Rank Xerox EuroPARC), Abigail Sellen (Rank Xerox EuroPARC and MRC Applied Psychology Unit)
The Designers' Notepad: Supporting and Understanding Cooperative Design (930KB)
Page: 91

Michael Twidale, Tom Rodden, Ian Sommerville (Lancaster Univ.)
A Spatial Model of Interaction in Large Virtual Environments (959KB)
Page: 107

Steve Benford (Univ. of Nottingham), Lennart Fahlén (SICS-Kista)
Culture and Control in a Media Space (737KB)
Page: 133

Paul Dourish (Rank Xerox EuroPARC)
TOSCA Providing organisational information to CSCW applications (893KB)
Page: 147

Wolfgang Prinz (GMD)
Unpacking Collaboration: The Interactional Organisation of Trading in a City Dealing Room (973KB)
Page: 163

Christian Heath (Univ. of Surrey and EuroPARC), Marina Jirotka (Univ. of Oxford), Paul Luff (Univ. of Surrey), Jon Hindmarsh (Univ. of Oxford)
Analyzing Cooperative Work in a Urban Traffic Control Room for the Design of a Coordination Support System (822KB)
Page: 179

Geneviève Filippi, Jacques Theureau (URA CNRS)
Design for Unanticipated Use... (876KB)
Page: 195

Mike Robinson (Univ. of Aarhus)
Low Overhead, Loosely Coupled Communication Channels in Collaboration (785KB)
Page: 211

Dorab Patel, Scott D. Kalter (Twin Sun, Inc.)
A Model for Semi-(a)Synchronous Collaborative Editing (757KB)
Page: 227

Sten Minör, Boris Magnusson (Lund Univ.)
Informed Opportunism as Strategy: Supporting Coordination in Distributed Collaborative Writing (0,98MB)
Page: 241

Eevi E. Beck (Univ. of Sussex and Rank Xerox EuroPARC), Victoria Bellotti (Rank Xerox EuroPARC)
Support for Collaborative Authoring via Electronic Mail: The MESSIE Environment (746KB)
Page: 257

Martina Angela Sasse, Mark James Handley (Univ. College London), Shaw Cheng Chuang (Cambridge Univ.)
Participation Equality and Influence: Cues and Status in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Groups (778KB)
Page: 273

Suzanne P. Weisband, Sherry K. Schneider, Terry Connolly (Univ. of Arizona)
The Use of Breakdown Analysis in Synchronous CSCW System Design (744KB)
Page: 289

Silvia Pongutá Urquijo (Univ. of Technology, Loughborough), Stephen A.R. Scrivener (Univ. of Technology, Loughborough and Univ. of Derby), Hilary K. Palmén (Heriot- Watt Univ., Edinburg)
An Ethnography of Graphic Design (833KB)
Page: 303

Dianne Murray (Univ. of Surrey)
Building Shared Graphical Editors Using the Abstraction-Link-View Paradigm (814KB)
Page: 319

Tom Brinck,Ralph Hill (Bellcore)
Beyond Videophones: TeamWorkStation-2 for Narrowband ISDN (796KB)
Page: 333

Hiroshi Ishii, Kazuho Arita, Takashi Yagi (NTT Human Interface Lab.)
Bringing Media Spaces into the Real World (922KB)
Page: 347

Daniele S. Pagani (Lucrezio Lab - Formative Networks and Rank Xerox EuroPARC), Wendy E. Mackay (Rank Xerox EuroPARC)