European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Proceedings of the 1997 Fifth European Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work,

7-11 September 1997, Lancaster, UK

General Chairs: Tom Rodden, Lancaster University, UK
John Hughes, Lancaster University, UK
Program Chair: Wolfgang Prinz, GMD, Germany
Publisher: Springer

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Table of contents:

The Production of Order and the Order of Production (935KB)
Page: 1

Graham Button (Rank Xerox Research Centre, Cambridge); Wes Sharrock (University of Manchester)
Plans as Situated Action: An Activity Theory Approach to Workflow Systems (923KB)
Page: 17

Jakob E. Bardram (University of Aarhus)
Rethinking CSCW systems: The architecture of Milano (834KB)
Page: 33

Alessandra Agostini and Giorgio De Michelis (University of Milano); Maria Antonietta Grasso (Rank Xerox Research Centre, Grenoble)
Effects of the amount of shared information on communication efficiency in side by side and remote help dialogues (846KB)
Page: 49

Laurent Karsenty (Aramiihs-CNRS)
MetaWeb: Bringing synchronous groupware to the World Wide Web (983KB)
Page: 65

Jonathan Trevor, Thomas Koch and Gerd Woetzel (GMD-FIT)
Constructing Common Information Spaces (933KB)
Page: 81

Liam Bannon (University of Limerick); and Susanne Bødker (University of Aarhus)
Task Conflict and Language Differences: Opportunities for Videoconferencing (564KB)
Page: 97

Gayna Williams (Microsoft Corporation)
The Social Construction and Visualisation of a Norwegian Offshore Installation (936KB)
Page: 109

Vidar Hepsø (Statoil Research Centre)
Staging a Public Poetry Performance in a Collaborative Virtual Environment (839KB)
Page: 125

Steve Benford, Chris Greenhalgh, Dave Snowdon, and Adrian Bullock (University of Nottingham)
On Distribution, Drift and the Electronic Medical Record: Some Tools for a Sociology of the Formal (888KB)
Page: 141

Marc Berg (Maastricht University)
Tailoring Cooperation Support through Mediators (782KB)
Page: 157

Anja Syri (GMD-FIT)
Doing Software Development: Occasions for Automation and Formalisation (820KB)
Page: 173

Rebecca E. Grinter (Bell Labs)
Introducing Third Party Objects into the Spatial Model of Interaction (844KB)
Page: 189

Steve Benford and Chris Greenhalgh (University of Nottingham)
Cooperative Work and Lived Cognition: A Taxonomy of Embodied Actions (855KB)
Page: 205

Toni Robertson (University of New South Wales)

Aether: An Awareness Engine for CSCW (910KB)

Page: 221
Ovidiu Sandor and Christian Bogdan (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm); John Bowers (University of Manchester)
Providing Flexible Services for Managing Shared State in Collaborative Systems (886 KB)
Page: 237

Hyong Sop Shim, Robert W. Hall, Atul Prakash, and Farnam Jahanian (University of Michigan)
Supporting Groupware Conventions through Contextual Awareness (891KB)
Page: 253

Gloria Mark, Ludwin Fuchs, and Markus Sohlenkamp (GMD-FIT)
Supporting the Flow of Information Through Constellations of Interaction (614KB)
Page: 269

Tony Salvador (Intel Corporation); Sara Bly (Sara Bly Consulting)
Supporting cooperative working using shared notebooks (701KB)
Page: 281

Phil Turner (The MARI Group Ltd.); Susan Turner (University of Northumbria at Newcastle)
Does "roomware" matter? Investigating the role of personal and public information devices and their combination in meeting room collaboration (880KB)
Page: 297

Norbert A. Streitz, Petra Rexroth, and Torsten Holmer (GMD-IPSI)
Analysing movement and world transitions in virtual reality tele-conferencing (744KB)
Page: 313
Chris Greenhalgh (University of Nottingham)
Designing for Cooperation at a Radio Station (896KB)
Page: 329

Finn Kensing, Jesper Simonsen, and Keld Bødker (Roskilde University)
A Group-based Authorization Model for Cooperative Systems (766KB)
Page: 345

Klaas Sikkel (GMD-FIT)
Gatherers of Information: Some Remarks on the Mission Process at the International Monetary Fund (933KB)
Page: 361

Richard H.R. Harper (Rank Xerox Research Centre, Cambridge)