European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Proceedings of the 2009 Eleventh European Conference on
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

7-11 September 2009, Vienna, Austria

Conference Chair: Ina Wagner, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Conference Vice Chair: Hilda Tellioglu, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Programm Chairs: Ellen Balka, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Carla Simone, Universita' di Milano Bicocca, Italy

Table of Contents

Pages: 1-20

Nikolaj Gandrup Borchorst, Susanne Bødker, Pär-Ola Zander
Pages: 21-42

Ann Light and Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson
Pages: 43-62

Charlotte Tang and Sheelagh Carpendale
Pages: 63-84

Rikke Aarhus, Stinne Aaløkke Ballegaard & Thomas Riisgaard Hansen
Pages: 85-104

Federico Cabitza, Carla Simone and Giovanni Zorzato
Pages: 105-122

Shawn Ashkanasy, Frank Vetere, Hillary Davis, Graeme Shanks
Pages: 123-142

Alexander Boden, Bernhard Nett, Volker Wulf
Pages: 143-150

Michael J. Muller, Jill Freyne, Casey Dugan, David R. Millen, and Jennifer Thom-Santelli
Pages: 151-170

Dhaval Vyas, Dirk Heylen, Anton Nijholt
Pages: 171-190

David Martin, Jacki O'Neill and Dave Randall
Pages: 191-206

Sylvie Guibert, Françoise Darses & Jean-François Boujut
Pages: 207-214

Petra Brosch, Martina Seidl, Konrad Wieland, and Manuel Wimmer
Pages: 215-222

Cleidson R. B. de Souza, Maryanne P. Rosa, Crys S. Goto, Jean M. R. Costa, Pedro J. F. Treccani
Pages: 223-242

Kjeld Schmidt
Pages: 243-262

Matthew J. Bietz & Charlotte P. Lee
Pages: 263-282

Till Schümmer, Hilda Tellioglu, Jörg M. Haake
Pages: 283-302

Anne Marie Piper and James D. Hollan
Pages: 303-322

Xianghua Ding, Donald J. Patterson
Pages: 323-342

Greg Wadley and Nicolas Ducheneaut
Pages: 343-362

Nelson Wong, Anthony Tang, Ian Livingston, Carl Gutwin, and Regan Mandryk
Pages: 363-382

Clint Heyer
Pages: 383-402

Kjeld Schmidt, Hilda Tellioglu, and Ina Wagner
Pages: 403-412

Michael J. Muller, David R. Millen, and Jonathan Feinberg
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