European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Proceedings of the 2015 Fourteenth European Conference on
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

19-23 September 2015, Oslo, Norway

Table of Contents

Pages: 3-21

Andy Crabtree, Richard Mortier
Pages: 23-42

Jason Carter, Prasun Dewan
Pages: 43-61

Nina Boulus-Rødje, Pernille Bjørn, Ahmad Ghazawneh
Pages: 63-82

Arnon Yogev, Ido Guy, Inbal Ronen, Naama Zwerdling, Maya Barnea
Pages: 83-102

Oliver Stickel, Dominik Hornung, Konstantin Aal, Markus Rhode, Volker Wulf
Pages: 103-121

Lars Rune Christensen
Pages: 123-142

Michael Prilla, Alexander Nolte, Oliver Blunk, Dennis Liedtke, Bettina Renner
Pages: 143-161

Troels Mønsted
Pages: 163-182

Zhan Zhang, Aleksandra Sarcevic
Pages: 183-203

Niharika Sachdeva, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
Pages: 205-221

Miria Grisot, Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou
Pages: 223-242

Claudia-Lavinia Ignat, Gérald Oster, Olivia Fox, Valerie L. Shalin, François Charoy
Pages: 243-261

John Rooksby, Timothy E. Smith, Alistair Morrison, Mattias Rost, Matthew Chalmers
Pages: 263-281

Claudia Müller, Dominik Hornung, Theodor Hamm, Volker Wulf
Pages: 285-294

Toni Robertson, Ina Wagner
Pages: 295-304

Ann Light, Tuck W. Leong, Toni Robertson
Pages: 305-316

Thomas Ludwig, Tino Hilbert, Volkmar Pipek

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