European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

The ECSCW Foundation

The ECSCW conference is sponsored by the ECSCW Foundation (sometimes also called the European CSCW Foundation).

The role of the ECSCW Foundation is to foster research on computer-suppoted cooperative work in Europe and globally, primarily by safeguarding and facilitating the continuation of the ECSCW conference series.

The decisions of the ESCW Foundation are taken by the Board. The Board comprises CSCW researchers who, as conference chairs of program chairs, have played a key role in the organization of previous ECSCW conferences. The Board is extended by cooption.

The Board currently consists of:

Liam Bannon, Ireland
Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, France
Steve Benford, United Kingdom
Susanne Bødker, Denmark
Tone Bratteteig, Norway
Antonietta Grasso, France
Kari Kuutti, Finland
Wendy Mackay, France
Wolfgang Prinz, Germany
Tom Rodden, United Kingdom
Kjeld Schmidt, Denmark
Carla Simone, Italy
Yngve Sundblad, Sweden
Ina Wagner, Austria
Paul Wilson, United Kingdom
Volker Wulf, Germany

The Board is co-chaired by the chair of the latest ECSCW conference and the coming chair. Currently, the chairs are Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Liam Bannon.

The Foundation currently has no other activities than the ECSCW conference, but other activities are under consideration.