European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

ECSCW Proceedings

The ECSCW conference proceedings are published by Springer (until 2003 Kluwer Academic Publishers), with the exception of ECSCW'89.

All past proceedings are made available on-line, free of charge.

The ECSCW'15, ECSCW'11, ECSCW'09 and ECSCW'07 proceedings and the proceedings of the first ECSCW in 1989 are now available on-line, free of charge.

The ECSCW'03 and ECSCW'05 proceedings are now available on-line, free of charge.

The ECSCW'91, ECSCW'93, ECSCW'95, ECSCW'97 , ECSCW'99 and ECSCW'01 proceedings are now available on-line (in a scanned version), free of charge.

Past conferences:

Oslo, Norway, 2015 (Proceedings online)
Aarhus University, Denmark, 2011 (Proceedings online)
Vienna, Austria, 2009 (Proceedings online)
Limerick, Ireland, 2007 (Proceedings online)
Paris, France, 2005 (Proceedings online)
Helsinki, Finland, 2003 (Proceedings online)
Bonn, Germany, 2001 (Proceedings online)
Copenhagen, Denmark, 1999 (Proceedings online)
Lancaster, U.K., 1997 (Proceedings online)
Stockholm, Sweden, 1995 (Proceedings online)
Milano, Italy, 1993 (Proceedings online)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1991 (Proceedings online)
London, U.K., 1989 (Proceedings online)